DiamondX …

Is a revolutionary new generation of tools for the metal-working industry.

Utilizes a unique technology that allows a high concentration of diamonds to be solidly bonded to a steel surface for cutting and grinding metal.

Provides tool life many times longer than standard abrasives such as aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina, ceramic, or silicon carbide.

Tool designs are developed with abrasive industry experts at Edmar playing a leading role in development of application specific tools.

Cost Efficiency

Long Tool Life
ranging from 25 to 60 abrasives depending on the application

Less Down Time
no need to change worn or chipped abrasive wheels.

One DiamondX® tool will cut or grind a wide variety of metals. No need to change between different abrasive wheels
Cut or grind stainless, other ferrous metals, alloys, or hardfacing.

Longer Power Tool Life
no abrasive debris and dust extends life of electric grinders


Reduced Vibration
Operators will notice a big difference when using the DiamondX® vs. abrasive wheels on portable tools
No Wheel Wear
DiamondX® size and shape does not change throughout its tool life so the operator does not need to adjust his work like with abrasive wheels.

Sulfur, chlorine, and iron do not exist in the matrix of the DiamondX® tool.

DiamondX® is not affected by exposure to water.
This is not true of abrasive wheels and cup stones where water will alter the bond characteristics and hardness.

Greatly reduced sparks and heat when grinding.
modestly reduced sparks when cutting.

Greatly reduced risk of respiratory and eye irritation.
abrasives produce a high volume of dust and debris but with DiamondX®, the only debris remaining is from the metal material being worked.

Odor is minimal.
unlike abrasive wheels which emit odors from woven fiberglass, phenolic resin, sulfur and other hazardous components.

Will not break or shatter, even if exposed to water.
like reinforced abrasive wheels and cup stones.


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